Simufur Completed Series
Our archive of completed series are where all the events for the series are now complete.

Simufur GT3 Championship

Registered Competitors: 32/40

The fluffiest cup is up for grabs!

Silver & AM Mini-Series

Registered Competitors: 16/40

A 4 round mini-series for less experienced racers.

Social Race

Sunday social race

Social race practice

Sunday social race practice

Simufur GT4 Championship - Season 1

Registered Competitors: 29/40

The fluffiest cup is up for grabs! This time, in GT4s!

Summer Solstice One-Off

Registered Competitors: 11/30

A One-off event celebrating the longest day of the year!

GT3 Season 2

Registered Competitors: 45/45

Season 2 of the Simufur GT3 series!

Test event

Testing only

GT3 Season 2 Practice

Registrations linked to GT3 Season 2

Practice server for the GT3 Season

Jag Meeting

Registered Competitors: 7/30


GT4 Championship season 2

Registered Competitors: 27/40

Second season of GT4 Racing

Simufur GT3 Asia-Pacific

Registered Competitors: 11/40

A GT3 series aimed specifically at the Asia-Pacific region

GT3 Asia-Pacific Practice

Registrations linked to Simufur GT3 Asia-Pacific

A GT3 series aimed specifically at the Asia-Pacific region

GT4 Practice

Registrations linked to GT4 Championship season 2

Practice session for Simufur GT4

Imola 6hr lucky dip

Registered Competitors: 17/60

Our first proper endurance race, Pros chose the car, a randomiser choses their team mate

Imola 6hr Team practice

Registrations linked to Imola 6hr lucky dip

Team practice session for the Imola 6hr

GT3 Season 3 2022

Registered Competitors: 47/50

Happy New Year everyone! It's time to go racing once again for 2022, starting with Season 3 of GT3 racing

Open practice server

Open practice server

Community Races

Registered Competitors: 47/150

Come and practice your racing skills, try a different car or familiarize yourself with different racing coniditions. And meet some of your fellow racers as well!

Community Race Practice

Registrations linked to Community Races

Practice for Community Races

Season 1 AM Split Championship

Registered Competitors: 26/50

For the newcomers/AM drivers of the server!

APAC - Season 2

Registered Competitors: 15/50

Asia-Pacific is back for a second season!

APAC - Season 2 practice

Registrations linked to APAC - Season 2

Practice session for APAC Season 2

Season 1 Porsche Cup

Registered Competitors: 33/50

Porsche Cup Season 1

Porsche Cup Practice

Registrations linked to Season 1 Porsche Cup

Porsche Cup Practice

Porsche Cup Test

Registered Competitors: 10/40

Test for Porsche cup

APAC Super Trofeo Cup

Registered Competitors: 9/40

APAC Super Trofeo

APAC ST Practice

Registrations linked to APAC Super Trofeo Cup

APAC Lambo Super Trofeo practice

GT3 Season 4

Registered Competitors: 48/50

GT3 Season 4

AM Championship Season 2

Registered Competitors: 23/50

Season 2 of the AM Championship! New Drivers will be assigned NATIONAL role to determine their pace.

GT3 Silver Championship - Season 1

Registered Competitors: 17/50

Silver Championship, all Silver drivers, all GT3s