Simufur Completed Series
Our archive of completed series are where all the events for the series are now complete.

Simufur GT3 Championship

Registered Competitors: 32/40

The fluffiest cup is up for grabs!

Silver & AM Mini-Series

Registered Competitors: 16/40

A 4 round mini-series for less experienced racers.

Social Race

Sunday social race

Social race practice

Sunday social race practice

Simufur GT4 Championship - Season 1

Registered Competitors: 29/40

The fluffiest cup is up for grabs! This time, in GT4s!

Summer Solstice One-Off

Registered Competitors: 11/30

A One-off event celebrating the longest day of the year!

GT3 Season 2

Registered Competitors: 45/45

Season 2 of the Simufur GT3 series!

GT3 Season 2 Practice

Registrations linked to GT3 Season 2

Practice server for the GT3 Season

Jag Meeting

Registered Competitors: 7/30


GT4 Championship season 2

Registered Competitors: 27/40

Second season of GT4 Racing

Simufur GT3 Asia-Pacific

Registered Competitors: 11/40

A GT3 series aimed specifically at the Asia-Pacific region

GT3 Asia-Pacific Practice

Registrations linked to Simufur GT3 Asia-Pacific

A GT3 series aimed specifically at the Asia-Pacific region

GT4 Practice

Registrations linked to GT4 Championship season 2

Practice session for Simufur GT4

Imola 6hr lucky dip

Registered Competitors: 17/60

Our first proper endurance race, Pros chose the car, a randomiser choses their team mate

Imola 6hr Team practice

Registrations linked to Imola 6hr lucky dip

Team practice session for the Imola 6hr

GT3 Season 3 2022

Registered Competitors: 47/50

Happy New Year everyone! It's time to go racing once again for 2022, starting with Season 3 of GT3 racing

Open practice server

Open practice server

Season 1 AM Split Championship

Registered Competitors: 26/50

For the newcomers/AM drivers of the server!

APAC - Season 2

Registered Competitors: 15/50

Asia-Pacific is back for a second season!

APAC - Season 2 practice

Registrations linked to APAC - Season 2

Practice session for APAC Season 2

Season 1 Porsche Cup

Registered Competitors: 33/50

Porsche Cup Season 1

Porsche Cup Practice

Registrations linked to Season 1 Porsche Cup

Porsche Cup Practice

Porsche Cup Test

Registered Competitors: 10/40

Test for Porsche cup

APAC Super Trofeo Cup

Registered Competitors: 9/40

APAC Super Trofeo

APAC ST Practice

Registrations linked to APAC Super Trofeo Cup

APAC Lambo Super Trofeo practice

GT3 Season 4

Registered Competitors: 48/50

GT3 Season 4

AM Championship Season 2

Registered Competitors: 23/50

Season 2 of the AM Championship! New Drivers will be assigned NATIONAL role to determine their pace.

GT3 Silver Championship - Season 1

Registered Competitors: 17/50

Silver Championship, all Silver drivers, all GT3s

Endurance Practice

Registrations linked to Enduro Championship

Simufur Endurance Practice